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299.00 every month

For the free at heart! This group focusses on merging networks, peer feedback and technical support for freelancers in any industry. There are no caps for group numbers, and you can choose to integrate into a group in the same or different line of work you are in.

There are no qualifications for a Freelancer Peer Board Group, so you can enjoy like minded harmony and a relaxed monthly meeting



649.00 every month

For the new entrepreneur or business person just getting started. The foundation is where it all begins. There are a few key pitfalls for any new business. Your Lead Chair along with your peers will harness your group to overcome those challenges. Likely we will see a lot of Owner/Operators here, but high-level management is also welcome.

You must be individually qualified for access into this group via application process.



789.00 every month

This group caters to semi-experienced to experienced business people. The idea is that you will have history and be surrounded by people who also have history, experience and knowledge to help you get past the barriers to success and freedom with your time. The passion behind this group is to help you with your business so you can make more money and enjoy more free time.

Access to this group means you need to have an established business and have at least $250K revenue. Approval is based on an application process




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